Solaris - Organic Peppermint Delight Tea

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Wonderfully soothing and refreshing blend of peppermint, liquorice, cinnamon and fennel. All the herbs for Solaris - Organic Peppermint Delight Tea are organically grown and hand-blended to achieve optimum taste and quality. In Traditional Herbal Medicine a healthy Digestive System is regarded as the foundation of good health.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of whole leaf infusions in the convenience of a 100% biodegradable, silken tea bag.

Organic Whole Leaf Peppermint Delight Pyramid Tea Bags -15x2g

100% bio-degradable silken tea bag - we love plastic free tea bags!

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Directions for use
• Use 1 teabag per cup (250ml) of just off the boil hot water (best filtered)
• Infuse for 5 minutes
• Re-infuse up to 3 time
• Makes 15-45 cups (when re-infused)

Peppermint* 30%, Cinnamon* 20%, Liquorice Root*, Fennel Seed* 16%, Anis Seed*. *Certified Organic