Pana Chocolate - Strawberry & Pistachio


Pana Chocolate - Strawberry & Pistachio   - The royal fruit and nut combo, with a delicate sweet, jammy, tarty punch. Yas Queen.

47% raw cacao with strawberry and pistachio pieces.


This is chocolate with consciousness at its core!

And loads of flavour....they are all delicious, and so full of goodness its hard to pick just one, but how about Hazelnut, or Orange, or Coconut & Goji....

Raw. Organic. Handmade. No Dairy.
No Soy. Gluten Free. No Refined Sugar.

Cacao (min. 47%; cacao butter, cacao powder), coconut nectar, coconut oil, strawberry (10%), pistachio (tree nut) (7%), carob, ceylon cinnamon, Icealandic sea salt.