Bloom - Supercharge Matcha


Bloom - Supercharge Matcha combines organic Japanese Matcha with maca root and guarana for an energizing green tea powder that’s naturally high in fibre with no added sugars but contains naturally occurring sugars. Ideal for breakfast. 

Supercharge Matcha (30g)

Try our other pure, organic Matcha Teas from Bloom -we recommend Ultra Cleanse Matcha for detoxing, or immune boosting Mindpower.

Bloom's award winning teas support your body's changing needs. They believe in using 'tea as treatment' to deliver antioxidants & regular hydration. 

Tea is more than a comfort drink! It's also a natural source of powerful antioxidants (vitamins and minerals) your body needs to boost immunity and protect tissues against the damage caused by oxygen free radicals and lipid peroxidation (commonly associated with aging). Antioxidants are also reputed to fight disease. Our antioxidant-rich Tea Treatment Plan is a delicious way to regularly boost your immune system and stay hydrated, helping you manage your busy lifestyle. 

Organic Japanese Matcha (green tea powder), Maca Root, Guarana