Seaweed TEAM


Team Seaweed was born when a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, from the UK, Portugal and Sweden, discovered a joint passion for quality pure products over dinner!


After spending much time together our families love of quality and organic products grew alongside our friendship. We use organic unless there is a good reason not to and we are pure all the way.


Team Seaweed are only too aware how the organic and pure market can appear confusing due to the abundant and ever-expanding products launched daily.  "What is a super food? How do I know which nut butter is good for me? Which raw chocolate tastes the best and contains the most nutrients?" 


Our company’s obsession is to source, consider and sell only the best, cherry picking extraordinary products for you that we use and love ourselves.


Setting up Seaweed Limited has introduced us to so many inspiring people and brands, from the top nutritionists that we hungrily question to new companies with cutting edge research that evolve alongside us. We are so excited to share our knowledge and passion.


Team Seaweed are as pure as possible while living life to the full. We do not compromise on performance, taste or quality. Our product range is 99% refined sugar free. All the products we sell will be tried and tested by the Seaweed Team. 


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do, and have as much fun doing so!


Love Team Seaweed x