Melanie's List

My Morning Routine 


I have never tested ‘Being as pure as possible whilst living life to the full’ so much as this year, juggling the launch of + family life and many wonderful but late night celebrations (TEAM Seaweed have been known to love a party).

With the abundant products designed to help, nurture and encourage being healthy, it has never been easier to incorporate what I believe are crucial steps to ultimate health and wellbeing into your daily life. This journey of testing, trialling and cherry picking what we are passionate about has only served to prove this. 

My morning can’t do without list is here for you to see….. 

6am - I try to squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise before the school run chaos (providing my alarm doesn’t wake the rest of the household up!)

My day starts with a cup of warm water to which I add a slice of lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar and Ogilvy's Raw Australian Jarrah Honey 20+ (It is known as a healing honey because of its natural antibacterial activity with the claim of significantly higher level of antioxidants than manuka honey).


I try to body brush before my ‘quick as I can’ shower with less is more bodywash, and Konjac Sponge Wave Puff, finishing off with Ila Body Oil for Vital Energy. I’m trialling The Organic Pharmacy anti-ageing routine and loving the results. I Spritz Herbal Toner over my face and allow it to sink into the skin (which in my case is the time it takes to open the serums). While my skin is still damp I mix 2 drops of Antioxidant Face Firming Serum with 2 drops of Antioxidant Face Gel and apply, followed by antioxidant Face Cream.


Breakfast (which can be eaten standing up whilst asking the my little ones to get their school bags and put shoes on) is  Mini Magoo’s Roasted Granola with a sprinkling of Love Arctic’s Bilberry Powder + Kiki Health’s maca powder.  I take Wild Nutrition; Pure Strength Omega 3, Vitamin D and  Antioxidant Boost with water, whist filling up my travel mug with Solaris peppermint tea – it’s soooo pure! Oh yes and at some point I clean my teeth with FETE bamboo toothbrush – my children love theirs and are very proud to talk about them whilst learning about the ocean's plastic at school.

I have been advised to take my vitamins with fats and we will be questioning some fantastic nutritionists soon to clear up the confusion of the optimum times to take supplements, i.e., if you should avoid taking some at the same time along many other thoughts….watch this space! 

This is then preceded by running out the door….and breath!